Thursday, December 17, 2009


We had our second annual Bunco Christmas Party last week. I've been in this fabulous Bunco group for two years now and I LOVE IT!! It is so much fun hanging out with these awesome ladies. I am so lucky to have such great friends and to be surrounded by such amazing women. We play Bunco once a month and I totally look forward to it every month. There are very few things that can make me miss Bunco. (Having a baby was one of them. Besides that, birthdays and sickness are the only things I think I've missed it for.) Its such a good time for me to have kid-less, girl time. Brandon's so awesome to support me in going and to take such good care of our kidos while I'm gone. Love you babe! Thanks for all of the good times Bunco friends! I look forward to another year of great Bunco times!
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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I'm in love with my dentist!

I realized the other day, that I had never mentioned on my blog anything about Brandon's Dental Practice. So here's a shameless plug... it is our livelyhood afterall right? :) Besides, Brandon's extremely casual about telling people about himself or his work. He's just too modest and doesn't like the attention, and doesn't like soliciting, especially to church friends. So I'll do it. :) He's such an incredible dentist. He's patient, and so gentle. He's kind, friendly, and totally honest. You can totally trust him to be honest with you about what you need, and you can completely trust him to do what is best for you and your teeth. I may be biased, but his patients aren't and they all love him.

Here's the phone number for the practice, and I've added it on the side of my blog for future reference.

Summer Hills Family Dental
Dr. Brandon Dever, DDS
(916) 723-3368

So there you go. Shameless plug about my fabulous dentist, I'm madly in love with. :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

How I spent my morning…

What does 18 + 15 =?





All of this by one 18 month old boy, and 15 minutes.

Ahh well…

Add a little of this… (or a LOT actually)


Another 30 minutes and a TON of elbow grease, and FINALLY….

You get this:



But, alas, who could be mad at this face?


Nah… I don’t have time for that.  I have too much lovin’ on it to do. 

I do adore being a mom.

And I adore you McKay.  It is going to be a wild ride…

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Entertainment Coupon Book - Want one for less than $25?

I'm going to order an Entertainment Book and they're cheaper the more you order in one order. So I'm getting whoever wants to together to buy one. Right now they're about $23-24. It will be less if more people want to buy one. Do any of you local friends of mine want one at a cheaper price? Please leave me a comment ASAP so I can add you to the order. These books are awesome. I can't wait to get mine!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Megan's Maternity Portraits

I took some maternity portraits of my beautiful bonus-sister and bonus-brother-in-law a few weeks ago. They were so patient as I took a MILLION pictures and tried out a bunch of stuff I wanted to do. I'm really pleased with how some of them turned out. I still have a lot more to post, but here are some I love:

Monday, November 2, 2009

Costumes - and my sewing journey

Okay, so there were a few more things I wanted to mention about the kids' Halloween costumes. First of all, hello...!!! I MADE THEM!! I know that doesn't mean much to most of you uber-talented people out there who do things like this regularly, but I AM NOT A SEWER! At least, I wasn't. I don't know where this came from, but I love sewing now! I never had ANY interest whatsoever in sewing (even though my mom and grandma and great grandma are amazing seamstresses). Until one of my girlfriends mentioned a really simple way to make a cute little girl's jumper (which I still haven't finished...), and I saw how easy and fun sewing was. Now I'm hooked! There are about a bazillion projects I want to do.

So anyway, I'm a very beginning sewer and am really not one of those people who just whipps out an outfit, so I'm totally impressed with myself with these costumes. I spent all day Saturday working on them (and my wonderful husband took great care of the kids all day) and I had a BLAST! It was really so much fun.

The other really cool thing is, that I didn't even have a pattern. I just followed these tutorials (tink, peter), and I made my OWN patterns, using clothes I have! How cool is that? I learned how to do that and got some new skills. Of course, I learned a lot through the whole process, which is always really awesome. I didn't get to take any good pictures of them, mostly because our backyard is dirt and not very pretty at all. So we'll have to put them back on and go to the park one of these days.

Anyway... just wanted to share that stuff. Thanks for looking!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We had a great night of grandparents (and an aunt), trick-or-treating and candy eating.  I love Halloween.  Its so much fun dressing up and/or dressing the kids up.  I had so much fun making their costumes.  I’m so happy with how they turned out.  It was a great day.

Ready to give out candy: (although the whole bucket actually got stolen… punks.)





And there goes the hat…IMG_6711  Peter Pan & Tinkerbell:

All dressed up and ready to go!!



 IMG_6743b McKay had such a blast!  He RAN from house to house… I couldn’t believe how much he got it!  He was adorable to watch.  He kept saying his new word, ‘nanny’ (candy) and didn’t understand the fact that he couldn’t eat every piece that was given to him.  He would get very frustrated when he had to put his ‘nanny’ in his bag.  We gave him smarties to ‘tide him over.’ 


We are so lucky to live close to so much family.  Nana, Ahma & Ampa, Granna & Pappa, Great Grandma Marlene and Auntie Janeal were all able to come over to see the kids.  It was so much fun sharing this holiday with them.

We also had fun going around with some friends.  Haylee especially loved this.  She just loves her friends.


And my favorite part… the dump.


Carefully deciding which one last candy to choose.


IMG_6766 IMG_6767

IMG_6768 IMG_6770




Happy Halloween Everyone!  Hope you all had a great and safe evening.

Friday, October 30, 2009

At the farm

Okay, not really, but I loved how this shot came out... McKay just hangin out on the barn. Too cute. More of our Bishop's Pumpkin Patch trip coming up.
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I love this smile!! Isn't it the best? I love the real, true, beautiful smiles of my children. I got a couple of great ones of McKay today that I'll have to share later too. Doesn't this smile just fill you with joy and happiness? Like, how could anything be wrong in the world when you see a huge smile like this? Just precious.
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Wow... So easy to blog! Another cool program that I definately want to get to know better.... Picasa. If you haven't checked this out, try it out. As I was looking through my pictures (I have my computer set to preview pictures in Picasa previews), I just right clicked this picture, chose 'blog this' and up it popped in a window ready to blog. Very cool. I've made a cool colage in Picasa, and I know there's a TON more to do with it I haven't discovered yet. Too fun!
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