Monday, August 31, 2009

Piano and Singing Lessons

If anyone is looking for PIANO or SINGING LESSONS in the Sacramento area, my mom's schedule is filling up! She's been teaching for over 20 years and she's fabulous! Call 916-295-9057. Her name is Marsha Keller. She has students of all ages - small children through adults!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sweet Anne... Goodbye my friend

An incredible person was laid to rest today. My dear friend Anne Creager died a few days ago and her funeral was today. She fought a long hard battle with Melanoma. As my friend Holly put it, she had cancer. It never had her. Anne was an amazing person. Truly an angel here on earth. We met 10 years ago while we were in Cleveland for Brandon's Dental School. I was a brand-new wife. She helped me so much in those early days of our marriage... I didn't know anything about how to find a job, or pay bills, or make a resume... She taught me so much. She helped me with my resume, she spent hours helping me in my job hunt, even referring me to her boss when she was quitting her own job. She gave me a great idea for a bills organizing system, which I used for years. She was a good friend. She took care of me when I had my wisdom teeth out and no famiy around. Brandon and her husband Ward sat next to each other in their lab and worked together often. She (with help) threw me a "teaching shower" because everyone had had baby showers while I was there and I never got a chance to have one since I never had a baby... How sweet and thoughtful was that? She made us Chicken Divan for dinner one day (which I will share the recipe for at the end of this post) and I remember being so impressed. I plan on making it later this week.

But besides all of that, what I will remember the most about Anne, is her amazing testimony. She had battled this cancer for some years now, and through it all, I have always been in awe of her testimony and strength. Many many times I remember shaking my head hardly being able to believe the things I was reading... "I'm so grateful for..." "I know it's in the Lord's hands..." She just never faltered. She strengthened my testimony with every letter and blog post. I'm not very eloquent with words, but did want to share a few things that are in my heart. I am so grateful for the knowledge that Anne and her husband and their beautiful daughters can be together forever. I know that God's Plan is true, and works and that I will be able to see Anne again. Anne's testimony is mine as well... this is the end of her last blog post.

"I may be healed by herbs or Avastin or something else I haven't found yet. I have no doubt that if it is Heavenly Father's will, I will be healed. But even if I'm not, I have to admit that I feel at peace. The last month has been fraught with panic and frantic anguish, but now I feel differently. I trust Him. I look forward to asking WHY all of this had to happen. I'm not going to ask it now, because I know that He can see the whole picture and I know that whatever His will is, things will be okay. My girls will be okay because they have Ward. I know that Ward will be okay because he has them. And we all have each other--FOREVER--and that's what really matters."

Like I said, amazing to the very end. Total trust in Hevenly Father, and absolute faith. I will continue to strive to be more like this amazing woman. I am sad for her passing. That is sure. But I am also so grateful to have known her, and grateful for having had her in my life. I'm so grateful for the things she taught me, through word and mostly through her actions. She really was an angel on earth. I love you Anne.

This is a picture of Anne, Ward, their daughter McCady, & Brandon and I at our goodbye party at the end of Dental School... 2004

Anne was also an amazing author. Here are links to a couple articles in chruch magazines she wrote:

Here is her blog address - take a few minutes to read a bit about her journey through her struggle with Melanoma. Its truly amazing.

Take a few minutes today to appreciate the precious people in your life. Let Anne's passing be an opportunity for you to look for the little things, love a little longer, and be a little better.

Chicken Divan
by Janae Smith, from Anne Creager

2 10 oz. pkg. broccoli (cooked)
3-4 chicken breasts (cooked with meat removed)
2 cans cream of chicken soup
1 C. Mayo (Anne says you can use less)
1/2 tsp. curry powder (again, Anne says you can use less)
1 tsp. lemon juice
1/2 C. Sharp American cheese (shredded) (That is how I wrote it, but I think its supposed to be Cheddar cheese)
1 TB butter (melted)

In casserone dish, arrange broccoli then put chicken on top of that. Mix rest of ingredients together and put on top of chicken. Then bake @ 350 for 1/2 hr.

Enjoy a meal with your family tonight and think of Anne.

Today's Walk

Jeeze... I haven't done this in so long I think I've forgotten how! Sorry for the long break... what a crazy summer it's been! Got my mom married off, my brother sent on a mission, still working on getting moved into our new house, and today we started planning my sister's wedding! Eesh! So this isnt a big update... I hope to do that soon. (Waaaay overdue.) But here's a few pictures I wanted to share from today's walk.

McKay was getting so frustrated trying to pull this leaf out of this bush (after watching his sister do it, of course.)

I asked Haylee to help him get it out. It was very sweet.
Then Haylee had to line hers up on every street line, and of couse McKay had to copy his older sister. That was adorable too.

This is the walking/biking path right by our new house. We will spend a lot of time on this little trail. We're so excited about it.

Lavendar in the front yard... Mmm!
McKay with his awesome bread hat...
Haylee knocked out... guess she was beat! She just went right to sleep on her own on the kitchen tile. How cute is that?

Good good day.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Mom's Wedding!!!

Well, it's been quite awhile since I last wrote - but you're about to see why. My mom got married! And the wedding/reception was an event to behold - it was amazing! And a LOT of work! (Which is why I haven't been around lately.)

I got to have the privilege of photographing it. Here are the albums:

Congratulations Mom and Edward! I am so happy for you. It was a beautiful day, an amazing wedding and mom, you were a gorgeous bride. I love you guys.