Friday, February 12, 2010

Haylee’s Room Make-Over

We had a great time re-decorating Haylee’s room yesterday.  I wrote all about it on my new ‘creative adventures’ blog:

More about that later, but for now, go take a look at Haylee’s new room!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Groundhog's Day!

I love holidays. (If you haven't been able to tell before now.) I just love the opportunity they give to do some extra fun things, and do a little learning around a theme. I thought I'd share what we did today for Groundhog's day. I had fun with this day when I was teaching... reading books about groundhogs, making books, learning about shadows, doing shadow activities with manipulatives on the overhead, writing about fears (because the groundhog is 'afraid of his shadow', which is why he goes back in his hole if he sees his shadow.)

Today, is February 2... Groundhog's Day. In case finding out whether Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow or not, wasn't on your top ten list of things to do today, I'll tell you. He DID see his shadow, which means 6 more weeks winter is on the way.

Here are some pictures of the fun things we did to celebrate the day:

By the way, I've started a new blog sharing my teaching ideas etc.  I've taken a lot from the internet through the years, so I thought I would give back and put back out there some of the ideas I've gathered/compiled/come up with through the last few years.  So to see more information on these activities, including links & instructions, and for additional activities, go HERE.

Every good 'unit' starts with BOOKS! I love books! I use them to introduce every topic I teach. Today, we read these two that I made (actually, my aide's helped) when I was teaching. The first one is a class book we made where each student made a page and we bound them all together in a book.
Haylee & McKay made grounds hogs that popped up out of their holes, with a poem in the grass.
And Haylee worked (VERY hard, I might add...) on a coloring page. We talked about the letters she was coloring as she was coloring them and she learned the letter 'P' during the activity!
This is actually the first picture I've really seen her spend so much time on. Until now its been mostly scribbles. But I was VERY proud of her for spending so much time and working so hard on this one. She was so proud of her 'rainbow.' And I can't believe how well she stayed in the lines! I'm so proud of my not-so-little girl!Happy Groundhog's Day!!