Monday, March 12, 2012

A Fun Photoshoot & Playdate

My friend Liz called me up the other day to see if I wanted to go do a photoshoot with her for fun.  I was so excited because it's been awhile since I'd really done any intentional photography.  She's doing beautiful things with her camera, and I jumped at the chance to see her at work.

So off we went to the 'woods' by our house, five kids and two cameras in tow.  Even though I spent much of the time chasing Aaron away from the water, I had a blast and it was sooo good to get out with my camera - it's way too rare for me.  I love these shots I got of my beautiful kiddos.  I'm so glad I am able to capture these precious moments.

This baby has so much personality!

McKay of course was in heaven!

And talk about personality - this one's so full of it!  She's so precious.

The boys...

Funny face - such a happy boy.

Aaron is sooo busy!  He sure keeps me on my toes.  100% boy, for sure.  I can't get him to stay still to save my life!  I love this action shot of him... showing how busy he is.

Looking for ladybugs....

There's something so precious about three little kids examining a ladybug...

'Smell the flower Aaron... no, not eat.. smell...'

Takin' a walk...

After our shoot Liz let me try her awesome lens on my camera... and since my camera card was full, I could only take a couple shots, but I definitely need to get me one of these lenses!  The picture is beautiful!