Sunday, February 6, 2011

Two Months Already!

As always, this time has FLOWN and already our little boy is two months old!  Even though I expect it, I'm still always amazed at how fast it goes.  This month has been a bit rough (that's kind of an understatement...) but things look like they've maybe possibly started getting a little bit better, maybe possibly.  We'll see.  Aaron cries... a lot.  We've gone back and forth about whether or not we think he has colic.  Either way, he's pretty fussy and obviously has a lot of pain in his tummy.  But he's had more and longer spells of happiness this week, so that's been nice.  We've finally been able to enjoy him awake and happy for a little bit!  That's been really fun.  So here's his two month picture.  (Scroll past the first two pictures.)

1 Day (24 hours)

1 Month

2 Months
Aaron at 2 Months:
-He's smiling!  Its the most beautiful thing.  Not many things more precious than a baby's smile.  We're LOVING this part.
-Lots of crying!  Lots of gas and air in the tummy.  More happy time this past week though.  That's been nice.
-Old man face
-Diaper rash finally went away!  (He's had it almost since he was born!)  We're still putting desitin on every time though to keep it away.
-Totally holds his head up.  He's really strong... and solid.
-13 lbs at last weigh-in.  Dr. appointment tomorrow... we'll see what the latest is.
-Loves to be held.  (What baby doesn't?)  He does love his alone-time sometimes too.
-Loves the lip touching game - when I brush my fingers over his lips he smiles almost every time.
-He's usually happy on the changing table - lots of smiles.
-He's starting to reach for things!
-Nursing is still going well... my milk comes really fast sometimes and he can't keep up.  He also gets big bubbles in him so he comes off coughing and crying in pain.  Poor guy!
-He's a good sleeper at night.  We both get lots of sleep and are very grateful.
-Not such a good sleeper during the day, unless he's held and there's either a lot of noise or silence.  Anything in between and he wakes up pretty easily.
-Good and bad and everything inbetween, we love it all with this sweet baby boy.  We're so blessed to have him.