Wednesday, January 12, 2011

He's Here! (He's a Month Old!!)

He's here!  Our beautiful sweet baby boy is (finally!!) here!  He sure took his time (2 weeks late by my count... I'll explain that later), but we're so grateful he's finally here and we've been able to enjoy him this past month.  I'm going to post about his first month now while it's fresh, and I'll have to get back to his birth later.



One Month!  For the records, here's what our baby boy is like at this time:

~Aaron has been holding his head up basically from day one.  He'd lift it off our shoulders and look around for brief periods at a time.  He's getting stronger and stronger with it, and now lifts and holds it up for quite long periods of time.
~I think he may have colic.  I'm still not exactly sure if it is or not, but I do know he cries a lot.  If he's awake he's pretty much always crying.  His happy spells are for about 5-10 minutes at a time and then he's mad again.
~He weighs 11 1/2 pounds!
~He's very strong, and very sturdy
~His brother and sister adore him - always want to hold him and touch him.  They're very sweet to him.
~Just starting to smile!  Just this past week.  Its soo sweet and I love it!
~Loves the kissy game... that's when he smiles the most.  But also sometimes when I smile at and talk to him.
~He's just about ready to grow out of his newborn clothes.  They're getting pretty tight!  I'm trying to enjoy them just a little longer.
~He's nursing well.
~He rolled over on our bed when was like a week or two old.  He was on his back and he arched his back and rolled onto his tummy.
~He's pretty cuddly.  I love it when he snuggles.
~He's the sweetest little baby in the world and we all adore him so much.