Sunday, March 6, 2011

Aaron's blessing & 3 months old!

We had a wonderful day today ~ sweet baby Aaron was blessed by his daddy on his 3 month birthday.  It was of course a beautiful blessing and I am so lucky to have such an amazing priesthood holder for a husband.  We were so blessed to have so many wonderful friends and family members join us for this special day.

We enjoyed gathering at our home later for lunch and visiting.  Thank you to each one who came (and for staying for my picture!) and helped make it a special day for our family.

Also to be celebrated today is Aaron's 3 month birthday!  I am just so so so grateful for this sweet baby in my life.  I cherish every moment with him.  I love holding him and cuddling him and just always want him to be close to me.  It is going so fast.  And even though I expect it to, I wish it could be a little slower.  I am so grateful for the time I have though.  I adore this little baby.  He is so precious to me.

Aaron at 3 months:
~He is finally settling down as far as the crying is concerned!  I don't don't think he ever really was colicy, but he did and still does have some tummy-gas problems... just milk coming faster than he can handle it sometimes which makes his tummy rumble and growl and hurt.  I think that's getting better though.  He is having more and more happy and awake spells.
~This kid's a tank!  He weighed about 15.5 lbs a week ago.  My friend's 7 month old little girl weighs 16 lbs! He didn't used to have many 'rolls' either, but he's sure gotten them this month.  I used to tell people he wasn't really 'chunky' but was just solid.  Now he's solid and chunky.  I love it.
~He loves to be held and carried around.  (I know, what baby doesn't, but I still thought I'd mention it.)  We love holding him and carrying him around.
~He giggled!  He gave us some all-out belly chuckles a couple days ago.  His first laugh went to his Ahma two or three weeks ago.  And then yesterday Grandpa Miller was playing with him and he got him to giggle over and over.  I got a video of it so I'll have to put that up here sometime.
~Aaron is super strong.  He's totally holding his head up.  We don't even worry about it anymore really.  He likes to stand on his legs too.  He pushes way up off the ground from on his tummy.
~He's really grabbing at toys now.  He'll swat at them a lot and even grab them every once in awhile.  He likes his alone time playing with his toys on the ground every now and then.  We also got out the jumparroo this month and he sits in it great.  He totally supports himself.

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