Monday, January 12, 2009

More Catch-Up... Halloween Costumes

Okay, so since I didn't get any good pictures of the kids on Halloween, and since my mom was in Greece and my grandmas didn't get to see their costumes, I was going to re-dress my kids in their costumes and take some nice pictures and show off their costumes. But alas, as with many things in my life, that didn't happen. And although I'd still like to do it, I figured I needed to go ahead and post the pics I do have now, so I can move onto Christmas!

Here are my adorable little turtle and my pretty little ladybug.

I pieced McKay's costume together from all over... And I painted the shell. I'd originally planned on making Haylee's ladybug costume, but I found this one online while I was looking for ideas, and it was so adorable so I decided to just buy it. We did make her bag and ladybug wand though.

Here's my attempt to get one of them together...

I'll post when I finally get around to taking some nice pictures of them in their costumes... (ha ha ha...)